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Thread: Best Snow Chains for AWD car?

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    Re: Best Snow Chains for AWD car?

    Quote Originally Posted by Van Camper View Post
    Try . Your asking the wrong guys. If you have a problem with your car, the guys there will diagnose for you (also tires too). Asking in here is like asking your mechanic about medical problems. Need diagrams to build a flux capacitor, they got it.
    I've used Edmunds a lot and they are a good source of information. However, they are located in Santa Monica, California within spitting distance of the Pacific. Down there, winter driving is safer because the girls aren't wearing their skimpiest bikinis, and the only thing you'd need chains for is to get through the mudslides on PCH.

    I really don't know why people who drive in winter conditions aren't pretty good sources of information about winter driving. Reports and specs are fine when there's no one with real world experience but IMHO nothing beats finding someone who has been there on a daily basis for years. People representing a pretty wide range of experiences have commented on this thread, which beats having Edmunds send someone up into the mountains to go skiing for a weekend and write a report about snow driving.

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    Re: Best Snow Chains for AWD car?

    May be a little late in the year for these (unless you live in Cleveland or upstate NY)
    I was out west a few weeks ago and got turned around at the rockies. I picked up a set of these in Denver just for insurance. I haven't personally had to use them yet but the 3 people who had them swore by them. Said they were better than chains. I can attest to how easy they were to install. The test fitting took less than 5 minute to put them on and take them off.

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    Re: Best Snow Chains for AWD car?

    Thanks everybody for the suggestions. I grew up in northern Michigan where chains are illegal and no one except plow trucks have them. It's also a much flatter state than California. I only planned on using them if i'm asked to put them on by the police or my wife.
    I was going to hold off making a purchase till the fall but while on a day trip to Ojai yesterday i came across a pair in a thrift store. Cable type. Brand new in the bag. Never even unwrapped! In the range of my tire size. $6


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    Re: Best Snow Chains for AWD car?

    i use SCC (security chain company) for my escort wagon. they work great in deep slushy snow. i have a very steep and twisty driveway so they really help there. they are cable chains as my car is an "S" class and i do not believe they make proper chains to fit an "S" class...but i may be wrong. i would think your subaru would be similar.

    these cables have no tighteners. you put them on and drive a car length and then tighten them down. easy! i drove 40 miles last snow storm at up to speeds of 30mph with no problems.

    i am in the catskills, in NY. i only need them on several occasions per year, but they are sure handy when i do need them.

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