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Thread: Just one lens?

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    Re: Just one lens?

    I started with 210mm and still use it a lot. That would be my choice. KFry

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    Re: Just one lens?

    a darlot wide angle rapid rectalinaer, and i would shoot it
    without the rear cell

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    Re: Just one lens?

    On 13x18cm (5x7") I use Xenar 210mm f/4.5 for 60-70% of my shots, regardless if they are landscapes, portraits, details (it's an old single coated sample, but a wonderful one)... I just know how to use that lens best. The second most used would be a 300mm/305mm and then something in the 150mm-160mm range. (in 4x5" terms, they would translate to 140mm for the most used one, and 210mm and 100-105mm respectively).

    For 4x5" I have only one lens, the Xenar 135mm 4.7. So that might also explain, why I like it's equivalent in the larger format...

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    Re: Just one lens?

    I plan on shooting almost every image going forward with a cooke f/2.9 165mm lens.
    Ektachrome 64 x wishes and Tech Pan Dreams

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