I've received my second hand 6x9 Arca-Swiss yesterday .. and wow.. what a nice camera !! I'm impatient to try it now.. However I don't have any lenses yet and was wondering whether there are any 6x9 format users here and what their ideal lenses combo would be

1) if you were allowed three 2) the bellow was accepting lenses from 55mm up to 150mm 3) you wanted to shoot mainly in the field, architecture and cityscapes, plus may be some portraits from time to time (also on location).

I've visited the main sites devoted to lenses for LF, but most of them are considering larger format than 6x9.. So any input concerning the best adapted lense for that smaller format would be welcome (not only the film format, but the whole camera is 6x9)

In 35mm, my main lenses are 28mm 45-50mm and 90mm .. I was thinking to 65mm (but would be 55mm better ?) and 150mm .. but what kind of lenses should come in the middle as standard ?

Sorry to ask so many question in a few days, but when taking the plunge into the view camera world there are so many new things and so big money investments to do, that one does really need help.. So thanks in advance for all suggestions