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Thread: "Robert White's" Address

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    "Robert White's" Address

    What is the e-mail and snail mail address for the photographic lens dealer, Robe rt White, who operates from the UK?

    All your replies to my posting will be apprecited.

    Thank You,

    Robert J. Triffin RJTRIFFIN@HOME.COM

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    "Robert White's" Address

    e-mail address is: WEB address is: You can get his snail mail address from there.


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    "Robert White's" Address

    I am in the process of buying an Apo-Ronar from them now. They have been very responsive, and are price-competitive on Rodenstock equipment. There is no savings on Fujinon lenses, by the time you add shipping and duty, it is the same as buying from Badger Graphics or The F Stops Here, both in the US.

    Heliopan and Rodenstock center filters from RW are less expensive than here. So far, the big savings is apparent on Rodenstock products. RW is about 10% cheaper than quotes I have received from Hong Kong on the same items.

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