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Thread: Chamonix is coming!

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    Michael Alpert

    Re: Chamonix is coming!


    Thank you very much for your response to my post.Your description of your business situation mirrors mine. I direct a university-based book-publishing house. Although the press has a web-site, I do everything I can to avoid the reality or the appearance of competition with the bookstores who stock the pressís books. Every manufacturer is in a monopoly situation. Absent basic fairness, lacking a sense of commitment to business colleagues, the manufacturer can easily turn into a bully. And everyone looses. At you pointed out, the same failing can become the practice of predatory retail corporations.

    Film photography seems to be gradually evolving to a scale where small and medium size companies are the manufacturers, with a range from Ebony Camera (which has less than a dozen employees) to Ilford (which must have several hundred).

    I felt (and feel) that this whole thread is giving us bits and pieces of information without letting us know about this camera and its possibilities. Mr. Zhang perhaps does not have a strong background in business. Whatever the reason, his elusiveness is effectively discouraging interest in the cameras he represents, regardless of their quality. He does not seem to understand that openness and customer service, at all levels and in all ways, are primary concerns of photographers who are buying specialized equipment. Also, a sense of reliable wholesale management is essential. He needs to work with retailers who are already established. He, by himself, has, as far as I know, no track-record and, therefore, no credibility.

    Lastly, thank you for not responding to my barbs. I was obviously mistaken about you. I needed some explanation. I apologize for characterizing you as I did.

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    Re: Chamonix is coming!

    Given how few ULF camera makers out there at any point in time, any new comer is welcoming news and cannot be a threat to any of the existing players given their own cult like followings. For what the market place is for such oddity as ULF film cameras, Chamonix can not compare to any global corporation in every aspect in how business is conducted, if it's not a "mom&pop" operation, one can be certain that it also cannot be anything like factories cranking nike shoes or inexpensive DVD players. If Chamonix can provide light yet strong ULF cameras without infringing or violating any existing patents, that itself is elegantly put together with a competitive price point to the end users. I say this new option is a good thing, just think about a light ULF camera that allow one to shoot more than 10 feet away from a car on the roadside, that you can haul into the woods, up the mountain, down the canyon… sure you can do this with a Wisner, or oldie like Korona, but wouldn’t you really rather carry a few more film holders with you instead.

    As far as the business interaction between Kerry and Chamonix, as few have said earlier, it’s one of personal and business confidential information, and as the nature of such dealing goes there is always two sides of the story, we can speculate all we want, but personally I wouldn’t make any judgments until I have heard from at least three independent sources.


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    Re: Chamonix is coming!

    I agree strongly with Michael that more technical information or image of the camera themselves would a excellent idea, I for one are extremely curious about the details such as weights, range and degree of movements, accessories availabilities...

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    Re: Chamonix is coming!

    Since most requested information I have received so far are about technical details and prices so far. I might as well post this information here. Please note the prices are in Chinese RMB which is currently 7.69 to one US dollar. Of course the buyer will pay the shipping from the factory in China.

    Another note, there are much interest in custom made cameras, such as convertible backs and extra long bellows for 14x17, 16x20 and 20x24, so users can shoot portraits and landscapes using the same camera. Interested parties can email me for details.

    Film holders weight and price
    7x17 930g RMB 3000
    8x20 1130g RMB 3600
    14x17 1490g RMB 3800
    16x20 1960g RMB 4500
    20x24 3390g RMB 5000

    Tech Data:

    7x17 weight 4190g(white), 4700g(black), Bellows draw: Max 620mm, Min
    120mm, back standard tilt 11 degree, front rise and fall 85mm, left and
    right shift 75mm price RMB 23500

    8x20 weight 4650g(white), 5110g(black), Bellow max 690mm, Min 100mm,
    standard tilt 10 degree, front rise and fall 100mm, left and right shift
    75mm, price: RMB 26500

    14x17 weight 6600g, bellows max 800mm min 210mm Rear standard tilt
    degree, front rise and fall 220mm, left and right shift 104mm, price:

    12x20 weight 6540g bellows max 700mm min 190mm rear standard tilt 12
    degree, front rise and fall 195mm, left and right shift 104mm, price:

    20x24 weight 12510g, bellows max 920mm, min 220mm rear standard tilt
    degree front rise and fall 285mm, left and right shift 104mm, price: RMB

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    Re: Chamonix is coming!

    Now that most folks have had a chance to comment, and Hugo has answered questions about pricing, I think it's appropriate to close this thread. The intention is not to limit debate, but simply to keep the discussion within the guidelines relative to the commercial aspects of the issue.

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