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Thread: $1,000,000 (Aus) for a Jeff Wall.

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    Re: $1,000,000 (Aus) for a Jeff Wall.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk Rösler View Post
    I am not entirely sure why we should care about this. Unless you are a "merchant of works of art" i.e. a businessperson of sorts, then it is very important.
    One of several reasions: because it's a sign (good or not) that in certain areas photography is being regarded less and less as a handicraft
    You'd be amazed how small the demand is for pictures of trees... - Fred Astaire to Audrey Hepburn blog

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    Re: $1,000,000 (Aus) for a Jeff Wall.

    I was never that keen on Jeff Wall's work. I was lucky enough to see an exhibition in the Tate Modern a year or two ago, but it just didn't interest me. Aesthetically they can be interesting, but as a whole I am not moved by any of his work. That said, to see the images tower over me on light boxes was quite cool

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    Re: $1,000,000 (Aus) for a Jeff Wall.

    O.P.M. (Other people's money).
    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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