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Thread: couple of sites I came across:

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    Eric Biggerstaff
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    Re: couple of sites I came across:

    I have always liked Fokos's work, I never really thought his work was so much like Kenna, but I think Rolfe Horn is a carbon copy of Kenna ( wasn't Horn an assistant to Kenna?) - so what do I know.
    Eric Biggerstaff

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    Re: couple of sites I came across:

    Hmmm....on Dragan's site, made in Flash, I seem to have a problem in navigation - once you select and click on an image in the "personal" portfolio, you can't go back to viewing the full set.

    If this guy who has a phd in quantum physics has problems with flash, I feed much better myself.

    Now, how exactly does one associate a sound with a hover?

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