I went digging through the archives on this but couldn't find the answer...

I prefer to travel really light. As such, I'm wanting to leave some shutters and lensboards at home. I am thinking of carrying a bunch of lenses but only a couple of shutters. But, in comparing shutters that were specifically made for Nikkor lenses, it looks like I can't swap lenses around to use one shutter for a couple of lenses.

With the lenses off, the size of aperture of two Nikkor shutters at the same f-stop are different. So, while the lenses and the shutters are interchangable with regards to the threads, the aperture and aperture scale will be incorrect.

Can someone confirm this for me? Has anyone developed a fudge factor such that f/22 on the correct shutter is f/xx on a different Nikkor shutter? Do I need to be concerned that the spacing between the rear elements of the lenses are incorrect when using a different shutter?

And, what about putting Nikkor lenses on generic Copal shutters?

Thanks for any input.