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Thread: Paintshop Pro 6 Vs Adobe

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    Paintshop Pro 6 Vs Adobe

    Any comparisons between Paintshop 6 and Adobe photoshop?? Big price difference. George Nedleman

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    Paintshop Pro 6 Vs Adobe


    We use both here at the university. Paintshop is a very well written program that offers great value for the money. In a student lab, for image manipulation, it offers almost everything one could ask for. In previous versions, its histogram and curve adjustment features were not as smooth as Photoshop's, but I have not worked with version 6.0. I use Paintshop for alot of my remote sensing work.

    On the other hand, for my photography, I use only Photoshop. Adjustment layers are wonderful. But the most important reason for me is that all of the industry uses Photoshop. If I generate and ICC profile in Photoshop, I know it will work correctly when I send my images off to be printed. And I can communicate with people on the other end better because they use Photoshop. Photoshop also provides nearly seamless Mac-PC compatibility with image manipulation (if you use an ICC workflow). So I would argue that the value in Photoshop comes as much or more from the user base than from the software itself.

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