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Thread: Canadian Rockies

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    Canadian Rockies

    Hi there,
    I am planing a trip to Canadian Rockies between July 2-10.
    I was thinking to rent a car in Calgary and go up to Jasper.
    Is anyone interested in such a trip?
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    Re: Canadian Rockies

    Canadian Rockies are beautiful! I went there last year. Enjoy your trip!

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    Re: Canadian Rockies

    Do not miss Kananaskis which is the very large provincial park east of Banff. Still the Rockies - and free! Take a drive over Highwood Pass which is the highest paved road in Canada. The foothills are very beautiful on the other side. Depending on how mobile you are, a hike to Chester Lake is recommended. It is off of the Smith Dorrien highway, which is gravel but generally in good shape. It is 5 K and 500m up but very spectacular when you get there. Kananaskis is also less busy than the national parks.

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