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Thread: Newbie of sorts: Photoshop Now?

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    Re: Newbie of sorts: Photoshop Now?

    I don't use wireless at home for anything. All wired. Even going to get an old school house phone from the 1800's. In the end, the gov't can get anything they want from us, but why make it easier for them to steal.

    You can't snoop what isn't transmitting. That takes someone to get inside and plant a device to do what you can't. Like planting a virus in person.

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    Re: Newbie of sorts: Photoshop Now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Ruttenberg View Post
    You can't snoop what isn't transmitting.
    Everything electric transmits, and computers have well-known readable frequencies. Even your keyboard has its own signature. Get hip to it. Being smug is not going to obviate reality. Oh, that old phone is a signal blaster, too easy to bust for any amateur.

    To see just the least secret Google NSA Tempest. That's only for starters. Dig deeper.

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    Re: Newbie of sorts: Photoshop Now?

    Not being smug, but it isn't as easy as just pointing a device at the wall and reading my files on the computer. When I was in the Marines, there were countless ways we could snoop on the enemy. When I was in military school for my mos we used to listen into cell phone conversations in real time using a spectrum analyzer. An old phone that uses copper wire is unsecured, but it takes a different technology to get your info. And if they do, well, that is another ball game.

    I know there are many ways to get what you want regardless of what we do to protect ourselves. But why make it easier for someone to get your info. I know people who live off the grid and it really bothers the law enforcement because they just can't get a warrant for your cell phone records or txts, why? They don't have any. Plus being off the grid they are independent of any power failure, etc, so they are not controlled.

    In the end, make it harder not easier and sometimes using older technology is making it harder. I'm pretty sure my hard drive disk is not transmitting rf concerning which photo I am looking at or what book I am reading.

    The article points to the shielding I mentioned and being sure your system is isolated. The idea is not connected to internet wired or unwired, avoid cell phone use except for conversations and such that cannot compromise you in any way. The old phone can even be shielded and if they want to hear you communications they will find a way.

    But again, why make it easy for those who would want to steal our info or spy on us.

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    Re: Newbie of sorts: Photoshop Now?

    This thread has wandered. I'm going to try again, and start a new thread. Thanks,
    Peter Collins

    "Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it." Song of Songs 8:7

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    Re: Newbie of sorts: Photoshop Now?

    Lol. Sorry.

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    Re: Newbie of sorts: Photoshop Now?

    I use heavy-duty commercial kitchen grade Aluminum foil for my bed-time helmet.

    Way off the OP. Thanks Peter.
    Drew Bedo

    There are only three types of mounting flanges; too big, too small and wrong thread!

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