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    Howdy from Texas

    New to forum. My actual name is Mike, and I recently resurrected my older Mamiya medium format film gear (M645 and RZ67), and decided to give the 6X17 format a try. I'll be using a Shen Hao 617 view camera...not sure if this technically qualifies as "large format", but this forum is the nearest thing where one can get and share relevant information. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. Looking forward to being a contributing member.

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    Re: Howdy from Texas

    Hey Mike welcome aboard!

    As far as 6x17 not being technically large format you simply need to pay attention where you post your 6x17 images (looking forward to seeing your 6x17 work) as in the correct subsection of the Image Sharing section or post them in the Lounge.

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    Re: Howdy from Texas

    Hi Michael, and welcome.....I am sure that some one will tell if you post in the wrong 4x10 was not big enough for their be it.....I have some times shot 6x12 roll film with my 4x5 Linhof, oh well.....Oh, you might want to meet Susan and JB Harlin good people and very helpful.....Jan from SF/ I also shoot 6x17 as well....

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    Re: Howdy from Texas

    Welcome. I really like the idea of the Shen Hao 6x17 with its ground glass that folds out of the way. Being able to use lf lenses, and accurately compose sounds lovely.

    What part of Texas? There are a number of lf shooters in Austin, but we never seem to do much in the way of organized socializing.

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    Re: Howdy from Texas

    Hi Mike and welcome to the forum. What part of Texas are you located? There are a few of us around.

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    Re: Howdy from Texas

    Another warm welcome! The Forum has become a library of information for me, and I hope you find it useful in your art!
    Peter Collins

    "Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it." Song of Songs 8:7

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    Re: Howdy from Texas

    Howdy from southern Illinois. I have been involved in photography since the 50's, but learn something new on here daily. You are in the right place!

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