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Thread: Back In The Game.

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    Back In The Game.

    30 Years ago I studied Photography at a Community College in Spokane, WA where a 4x5 camera was required. After that I went on to photograph portraits professionally. Within 5 years of leaving college I had sold off all my large format equipment in exchange for a 500cm, 80mm lens, 2-120 backs and a prism.

    I loved the large camera and missed it often. Even to this day when I want to photograph for myself ( as apposed for a client ) I photograph in a large format "style". I enjoy photography best when I am able to pre-visualize take my time and work at a slow pace. Very much the opposite of the fast paced portraiture I've been doing for years.

    I have obtained a Toyo 45g, Fujinon 210mm and changing bage. Dark cloth, light meters, film holders, and magnifying loupe(s) I was able to dig out of storage. Tri-x and EKtar 100 on order and due for delivery.

    Pretty stoked.

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    Re: Back In The Game.


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    Re: Back In The Game.

    Sounds like a great start!

    Kent in SD
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    Re: Back In The Game.

    Congrats !

    Hope it proves to be as gratifying as you remember.

    - Leigh
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    Re: Back In The Game.

    Welcome Home!
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    Re: Back In The Game.


    Glad to have you and your not alone. Seems many have been left feeling flat w/ a constant digital diet and are looking for the "craft and magic" that large format can offer once again.

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