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Thread: Glue to re-seat dry wood joinery in LF frame?

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    Re: Glue to re-seat dry wood joinery in LF frame?

    "A crock pot works just as well and costs $15 at Walmart"

    A baby bottle warmer is quite cheap and works very well to warm the glue and keep it at a reasonable temperature, and a baby food jar (saved in the shop for various uses from when my now-grown kids weren't) is the perfect size for fitting in the bottle warmer and holding a working amount of hide glue. FWIW.


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    Re: Glue to re-seat dry wood joinery in LF frame?

    Fortunately I have a sous vide cooking thingy that'll keep things at a nice 150deg without having to get all DIY on a heating solution.
    I like the glass jar idea, seems ideal and wide mouthed for easy access to the goop.
    Glue is here, as soon as my real work project is delivered I'll have time to experiment a bit with using the glue on scrap and then go for the real frame.

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