Hello !

I am in the process of getting a slightly longer than my 90mm lens for my 4x5 system and am very undecided between 135 and 150 focal lengths. I know that these are very close in terms of numbers, but would love to see some images taken from both focal lengths to have a better perception of what type of feel these have. It would also be extremely useful to see various type of images, like landscapes but also closer portraits and environmental portraits.

If someone has the possibility, it would be nice to see some images produced with the Rodenstock Apo Sironar S "versions" of the above mentioned focal lengths, which is one of the options I am currently considering buying. About these Rodenstocks, does anyone know if one of the above is a better performer than the other, or more recommended so to speak, at wider apertures than the other - let's sat if one intends to shoot more at around f11 than around f22?

Thank you to all who can take some time to respond and can help !