A setup like this doesn't need to be elaborate. Acceptable, versus professional quality photos are sufficient.

I purchased about a 60" wide, 6ft long (or whatever length) of canvas from an art store. It's ideal: minimal cost and a nice off-white color. It's connected to a dowel that spans between two, vertical support pieces of 1x2's at about 4 ft high. The cloth drapes down, gradually going from vertical (at the dowel) to horizontal on a table. I nailed horizontal feet to each of these vertical 1x2's so that it stands up. When not in use, I roll the cloth up on the dowel.

I use two Lowel DP lights on either side of the camera that have fiberglass, gauze diffusers placed in front of each. (Lowel has special holders for this purpose. You can get the diffusers inexpensively from Rosco filters.) DP's are professional quality lights; but, something simpler would probably work just as well.

I have a nice 35mm camera with lenses, etc. But, I've found the most convenient camera to use is a point and shoot. Simple and easy; my wife has a Canon G12 that works great. (And, a light weight tripod.)

Good luck with your marketing endeavor.