Took my first large format photos the other day! Shot four images of furniture I've made with the hope that I will be able to use images for my portfolio and website. I used Kodak portra 100T with incandescent lights (2 at 250W), 210mm rodenstock lens and my finally completed bender camera, backdrop was a light silver/grey seamless paper. Exposure was 10-15 seconds at F45. Contact proofs look okay for my first attempt. I purchased an Epson 4990 scanner so I could load up the images and use them in my website, make postcards etc. My scanned negatives are much darker and with more of a blue/grey color than the contact printed photos. When I scan the contact sheet, they also get slightly darker and maybe a bit more blue, but not nearly as much. Wondering what might be causing the scans to darken so much. I've never used photoshop elements before and have managed to get the photos to look okay from the scnned negatives, but they are more contrasty with loss of detail in the shadows (i.e. on the rear chair stetcher, I can see the maple curl in the contact print, but not in the scanned images). Could the problem be my exposure? Any advise would be appreciated.