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The Epson 1430 is capable of very high quality digital negatives because of the resolution and small picoliter size. I don't have one and am not sure how well it does in UV blocking with the Epson driver, but you would have the option to use the QuadToneRIP driver which would allow you to use only the inks in the set that block UV, the black and yellow. If you are working with a Mac you will also need the Print Tool. QuadToneRIP and the Print Tool are both superb software and I believe you should be able to make good digital negatives with QTR and the 1430 ink set. If not, you can always go the PiezoDN route for really superb digital negatives, but my suggestion would be to first try QTR with the native ink set.

Thanks for the info Sandy. I bought a 1430 last week, and have some some experimenting with it. Still working out contrast curves, last print is a nice step in the right direction. This was done on a inkjet transparency, stock inks, stock driver. Still drying in this photo, the stock dyes definitely block UV!

There's a slight yellow cast in this photo. I had read somewhere someone pretreating their paper with vinegar, I did this hear, found it leaves a slight yellow cast.