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Thread: Post Your Hiking Photos - Any Format

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    Re: Post Your Hiking Photos - Any Format

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Wiley View Post
    Those two serial waterfall shots have quite a twisty snap to them, Iga. But I like the last posted version best because the extra amount of deep values around the waterfall actually accentuates the whites more, much like a picture frame. The black up the top also allows the upper tip of the visble waterfall
    to originate in context, poetically. Is the surrounding rock dolomite? It looks too metamorphically-altered to be limestone per se, at least in the very first
    multi-waterfall image.
    Drew, thanks for so deep analysis of my pics. I like the scond more because the trees at top give a real scale of whole thing...
    As for rock - I'm not sure, but this part of Pyrenees is limestone I believe.

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Post Your Hiking Photos - Any Format

    Yes, but not just scale - the delicacy of the trees at the top replicates and accentuates the delicacy of the water - a nice counterpoint to the sheer force and
    strong graphic twist in the fall. A very nice shot!

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    Re: Post Your Hiking Photos - Any Format

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Wiley View Post
    . . . . Is the surrounding rock dolomite? It looks too metamorphically-altered to be limestone per se, at least in the very first multi-waterfall image.
    Could be limestone, could be dolomite. Dolomite is not a metamorphic rock, in the traditional, geologic sense (i.e., via extreme heat and pressure), and it can look like limestone, especially if far away, as in the photo. Maybe you meant to say marble, regarding the metamorphism?

    The much higher amount of magnesium in dolomite than in limestone is what characterizes dolomite, which forms in a Mg-rich sea, and would otherwise become limestone. The depth and turbidity of the water, and the source of calcium has more to do with either limestone or dolomite's texture and structure than the additional Mg. Some formations of Ls and/or dolomite have inter-bedded shales, and that makes them look even more different, and less-apt to form cliffs. Sometimes, vegetation can reflect the higher amounts of Mg, but I don't think this is a consistently reliable clue. Lately, I have been spending a lot of time in Paleozoic marine sediments, and it can be hard to tell them apart by just looking at them. The acid test helps.

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    Re: Post Your Hiking Photos - Any Format

    Just got back from a three night hike in the Yolla Bollys with one of my was sort of on the way to the Berkeley Forestry Camp where he needed to be yesterday (Sunday, 6/17). Man, am I getting slow on the uphills, granted, steep is another word for the Yolla Bollys. But I showed Bryce part of where his old man worked for all of the non-winter months of the 1980s. We hiked out via the top of Solomon Peak (7571") with a nice view of Mt Shasta 100 miles to the north, Mt Lassen 85 miles to the east and The Kings Range on the coast 65 miles to the west. The tallest in the wilderness in South Yolla Bolly Peak at 8084' and up in the north, North Yolla Bolly Peak at 7811'.

    Mixed emotions about the trail conditions. I spent ten seasons bringing the 150 miles of trail in my district's part of the wilderness up to our standards, as the trails were in bad shape in the late 1970s. The trails are now in worse shape than when I had started on the trail crew in 1981. Little or poorly done maintenance in the last 25+ years. Several fires crossing the trails makes pathfinding difficult -- blazed trees gone, large patches of whitethorn overgrowing the burn areas, criss-crossed tree trunks, and not enough foot or horse traffic to keep the trail visible (the Hikers Log at the trailhead had 5 or 6 entries from last season to so far this season...including my entry. The two stripped vehicles on the lower portion of the road were not encouraging. The Forest Service dirt road has been minimally maintained and challenged my wonder there are few Log entries. There are easier access points in the other parts of the wilderness.

    Frankly, the place seems more like a wilderness now and I kinda of like that. Camps can be found where both water and flat space can be found together. Not many, and except where it was a hunter's camp (with stock), usually small. One needs to have good map and trail-finding skills. Even with 10 seasons of working on those trails, while I did not get lost, I was a bit confused for awhile here or there. But it can be a long distance and/or time between water sources, especially late in the summer, and spending a lot of time tracking down the trail for the tenth time of the day can be time-consuming and frustrating. Navigating large patches of whitethorn where fires have swept through are not fun. Not all the springs are on the maps. Most creeks dry up, but some are dependable all summer as are the rivers. I love the place.

    I just took the Rollei and a small digital -- made about 20 shots on each. Two digital images of my son Bryce, one on a far mountain top, and another on a boulder -- both from our last camp site of the trip. For fun, I added a third -- a 500x view of Bryce on the mountain top.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails BryceOnMtn.jpg   Bryce500x.jpg   FromCampBryce.jpg  
    "Landscapes exist in the material world yet soar in the realms of the spirit..." Tsung Ping, 5th Century China

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    Re: Post Your Hiking Photos - Any Format

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn View Post
    Frankly, the place seems more like a wilderness now and I kinda of like that.
    This is my sentiment too, a little north in Washington state.

    Over the past 10 years, and especially the last 5 years, the national forests and nat'l parks (outside Seattle) have seen an astonishing growth in hiking visits – more than can be explained by population growth. I like to think it's due to rising interest in the outdoors, generally a good thing; but I sure do miss the days when I could follow a well-maintained trail into a lonely, wild area and never hear "What kind of camera is that?" while composing. ;^)

    Which is why I keep gravitating toward trails neglected by maintenance, or others being re-claimed by the wild – or best, going off trail with map and compass, my favorite way of letting LF images and solitude find me. A sort of Natty Bumppo strategy that I've been relying on more and more…

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