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Thread: More discussion about Forum policy on politics

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    Re: More discussion about Forum policy on politics

    Quote Originally Posted by Corran View Post
    Define porn?
    (Half-joking here, but anything "nude" is porn to some people. This has been a debate for ages hasn't it? I have seen photos at colleges censored for nudity.)
    Well it has to be a dressed...

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    Re: More discussion about Forum policy on politics

    Maybe what the net needs
    Society in general needs
    Is to have more well rounded people capable of having civil discussions with those having different viewpoints

    Never going to get that by banning subjects from entire communities
    Be it online forums
    Dinner tables
    Date nights

    Segregate subjects to some basement to be found far from where most are willing to travel
    The only ones to be found within will likely be the ones scheming to keep the machine going as is
    Of benefit to them and those like them..opposing party included

    Isn't it strange how everyone on the internet is brilliant and complains about the lack of civility yet in threads like this so many can state that certain topics like these ultimately turn negative and just cannot be allowed
    I think somones fullofshit

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    Re: More discussion about Forum policy on politics

    Looks like a good time to close this. We will process and report back in due course.

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