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Thread: Foam for cases

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    Re: Foam for cases
    Kevin Taylor
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    Re: Foam for cases

    Some kayak makers sell a special dense foam for carving seats that might be suitable.

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    Re: Foam for cases

    I needed a case for my 11x14 Chamonix with 3 lenses and holders. Cost of a new Pelican case was way up there. I bought an older (probably from the late 1960s) Sinar case made for their 8x10 Norma, gutted it out and padded it with glued cut sections of anti-fatigue dense foam flooring that I bought for very little money at LOWES. Nice thing was that the right bottom side of the Sinar case had a built in section to slide down into lenses on Sinar boards and by coincidence the 11x14 Chamonix uses Sinar like boards. Case is quite beat up on its exterior which makes it look a lot less valuable (and intern its possible contents) than a bright new Pelican case.


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    Re: Foam for cases

    You want Urethane foam. It doesn't crumble over time and use like other foams, including the ones commonly used in many camera cases. The rule of thump is to make the cuts at least 1" away from the sides and at least 1" from interior compartments that you cut. That way the contents have maximum protection from impacting the insides of the case or the contents in th case.

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    Re: Foam for cases

    Try They have the charcoal foam listed under commercial.

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