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Thread: Blzzard in NYC

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    Re: Blzzard in NYC

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Bodine View Post
    If this was not at high tide, consider a repeat at that time - would make a great before/after series (assuming sufficient light then).
    This is high tide. Big surf style waves come after a couple days of wind and this is just the first day of big wind. Tomorrow afternoon will probably have bigger waves even if the wind is reduced.

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    Re: Blzzard in NYC

    Quote Originally Posted by Nodda Duma View Post
    Yeah my definition of wind has been permanently skewed by 10 years in the desert, where the Santa Anna winds would be 20-30 mph sustained for days, sometimes 50 mph sustained, and one year hit 70.

    Twice I tried to set up my astrophotography rig in 15 mph winds. Film astrophotos require 1 hour exposures. The results were horrific.

    Anyways, it's a New Hampshire tradition to clear your driveway and then go for a drive when the roads haven't been cleaned off. I took the kids to Walmart and bought the stuff for hot chocolate. Now they're running around high on sugar after a full day outside playing in the snow.
    Kids high on chocolate and snow. Those were the days, my friend...


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