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Thread: WTF I was just asking for help

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    Re: WTF I was just asking for help

    Quote Originally Posted by 8x10 user View Post
    I thought all the euryscopes were rapid rectilinear (aplanat), a F/3.1 Petzval is much more desirable.

    Good find!
    Wrong. (imesho:~')) Petzval's are all the same and there's gajillions of them. F4 and F4.5 Aplanats with the look that Voigtlander got with theirs are spectacular and rare. No, I don't have any to sell, just saying the Euryscop Serie II and III are superb and truly rare.
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    Re: WTF I was just asking for help

    I'm sure you right. You know this stuff better then I do.


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