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Thread: Tension springs

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    Re: Tension springs

    Quote Originally Posted by Colin Graham View Post
    One of the 4x5 Polaroid conversions uses springs like this on the back, can't remember which..
    Its from Alpenhause. I really like his back. It holds very well, it's compact, it's light, and it will hold very thick holders easily. If I ever get around to it I plan on mounting similar springs on a Bender wood kit camera. the Bender springs leave a lot to be desired.

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    Re: Tension springs

    That seems to be very practical!

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    Re: Tension springs

    That's it! Photonsoup, thank you for these pictures.

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    Re: Tension springs

    You know what is amazing about that spring back is I have never had anyone complain or manage to ruin the springs.

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    Re: Tension springs

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is one way to use straight spring wire. This is on a pinhole camera, so no focusing screen was needed. If used with a typical ground glass back, it might be stronger if the ends of the springs are mounted on the GG frame and the center of the spring bears against a screw on the camera body.

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    Re: Tension springs

    Those are cool! They look nice, Great job Jim.

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    Re: Tension springs

    I use car windscreen wiper springs

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