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Thread: Film prices (Kodak TMY in particular)

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    Re: Film prices (Kodak TMY in particular)

    If that spreadsheet and the Hogan rumor are true, this will be one of the biggest price increases of Kodak films that I can recall. I'm not surprised though, most of their roll films have been below even Ilford and with the in house acetate done as of last year, increases in price were bound to happen. And this is just Japan, not the U.S. so I have to laugh at all the bashing going on over at "Windbag" or "Shoot ourselves in the foot" dot com, aka APUG.

    I just ran a test roll of 35mm Delta 400 so I can consider it as an option. While it looks to be a good film, it fell behind TMY2 in the finest of details and was of course, a considerable amount more grainy even in Xtol 1:1, that matters to me in 35mm & 120.

    I'll watch this closely and if I need to add some more stock, I will. TMX and TMY2 are my go to films, I would rather spend a couple grand more now than double that later....

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    Re: Film prices (Kodak TMY in particular)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Lee View Post
    I just bought some film. Thanks for the heads-up.
    Me too-all I could afford for now.

    at age 68
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    Re: Film prices (Kodak TMY in particular)

    Okay, so you guys wanna have something to bitch about - okay, I will give you something.

    Here in Canada, most all Kodak sheet films are special order, never stocked. You can go to some store web sites here in Canada and they will say "usually ships in 24-48 hours", but when you actually go to order the stuff, as I have in the past, you are told maybe a week or more. one time I was told up to 4 weeks.

    Also, the price here in Canada for a 50 sheet box of 4x5 Tmax is 400 is $149.99. I can order the same film from B&H in NYC for $85.95. Even with the exchange rate ($1 US = about $1.13 Cdn), shipping, etc, still cheaper and faster.

    What really gets me? Even though I live in Canada, I live about a 4 hour drive from Rochester, NY, the old home of Kodak.

    I love Tri-X, but man, i am going all HP5 at these prices.
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    Re: Film prices (Kodak TMY in particular)

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph O'Neil View Post
    I can order the same film from B&H in NYC for $85.95.
    Not anymore.

    Edit: Ah, sorry, I was thinking of the TMY-400.
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    Re: Film prices (Kodak TMY in particular)

    It's all relative. It takes me about a year to use up a 4x5 box of TMY. So what's the difference between two bucks and three bucks per week? Lots of people spend
    triple that every day on their Starbucks habit. Now I'm not implying I like these price increases, but that it's all relative. Where I personally feel the sting is in 8x10 film, especially in color, where the Kodak label is getting close to a monopoly. But still, just how many damn shots does one have time to print at the end of the day?
    Imagine that you're one of those Kodak pensioners, however, that got the rug pulled out from under you - wouldn't you want to pad that account if your could,
    while you could? I don't know if that is a significant factor of not - I'm sure that won't say - but if it is, it's a bit of chicken run... namely, deciding whether to make money bit by bit by keeping the chicken alive and selling the eggs, or just cooking the whole thing quick and trying to sell it for money off the rotisserie rack.

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