Hey everybody,

I am soon beginning distribution of a cleaning product for camera sensors, lenses, and various peripherals.
Green Clean has been around for 25 years, it is based in Austria, and uses only the highest-quality ingredients and components in their products.

Rather than blowing air around, they have come up with a canister of pressurized air, that, with the correct accessory, can be used as both a vacuum and forced air; a small receptacle gathers the vacuumed particles.
Then, wet and dry swabs (non-alcohol) are applied to remove grime and dirt.
There is an anti-static brush attachment, as well as a slightly different procedure overall, for MF sensors.

Calling it "green" is also no accident; it has undergone a lot of R&D, as a result, it is harmless to the ozone, and has an extremely low Global Warming Potential

Though geared toward digital camera users, I immediately also saw the potential of Green Clean for keeping all of our film holders, shutters and lenses clean and dust-free inside and out.

My daughter is distracting me right now, and I fear I'm not making much sense .

So have a look at the website: http://www.bravo-distribution.com/gr...-products.html

and at the instructional videos: http://www.bravo-distribution.com/gr...an-videos.html

Here is the Austrian mother page: http://www.green-clean.at/en/

I would very much appreciate any thoughts and feedback.

For now, I will be distributing in Canada, but I can certainly make this available to any US member (there's no distribution there, yet).