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Thread: sending important negatives overseas

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    sending important negatives overseas

    FedEx and UPS handle such things all the time, and WCI ships prints and originals by the same means. When my parents were in the jewelery business, they shipped and received all sorts of costly items by UPS. I'd recommend not sending them all in the same batch (you wouldn't want to lose a whole show!), and you might look into having them insured separately (i.e., not by the shipper) for loss or damage in transit.

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    sending important negatives overseas

    Momart in the UK *had* a great reputation until they let their BritArt warehouse burn down. They were widely recommended by various curator and art historian friends, and indeed did a great job, when I was looking to move some delicate large canvases within the UK. They took care of crating and insurance, two of the harder issues to get right on my own. I would use them again, even if they did set fire to Tracey Emin's tent.

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    sending important negatives overseas

    Whatever you eventually do, be sure to scan them (or have them scanned locally) before you send them away.
    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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    sending important negatives overseas

    thanks struan, i'll ask them for a quote despite the fire, you know maybe jake and dean chapman could resurect something from the ashes. good idea too bill.

    i'll update the post when i have more information.

    thanks again to all

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