I've seen a couple of people recently mention that they would like various Kodak films, especially Tri-X, to be available in Readyload form. I thought I'd share an address I got at a John Sexton Workshop I attended last February. John said that to voice one's opinion on Kodak film products write a reasonable letter (minimizing swear words will likely make your vote count) stating your desires & opinions and posing it to:

Ronald Corn
Marketing Manager, Photographer Segment
Kodak Professional Imaging Solutions
Eastman Kodak Company
343 State Street
Rochester, NY 14650-0403
Including a few words of thanks for a cherished existing product is a good idea, too.

A letter has an impact that emails and opinions on internet fora do not. Of course, there are those who'd rather be disemboweled than do business with Kodak, but for others writing is the best way to get your opinion in front of those who make the decisions.