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Let's face it, newspapers are last-century technology. It's hard to justify a prepress staff, printing staff and press, and petroleum-fueled distribution networks in these times. The daily newspaper here is getting thinner and smaller all the time. Like many here, I started my career in newspapers and respect the print media for in-depth reporting. I'm not sure where I'm going to find real news in the growing world of infotainment.

I, too, hate video clips with embedded ads, and I don't like going on-line to get news. Too much crap to wade through to get 5 seconds of information.
It all reminds of a sci-fi movie like Blade Runner. No one thinks anymore, no one creates, no intuition or inquisitive thought. It is about instant self gratification. Reading and thinking is considered archaic. Especially when it can be done faster by a computer. It do not blame sugary drinks for society becoming fat and lethargic, I blame the technology.

It is so bad my daughters so called real friends are electrons and photons that show up on twitter snapchat, etc. We no longer no how to socialize as a species so we are doomed to being controlled by the very thing we crated to help us.

So it is with photography. Easier to snap an iPhone picture and post on instagram than compose think about take develop print display etc. My photos define me and are also my legacy for my children and their children. In a sense, it is my immortality. Cannot have that with electrons.