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    Broncolor Pulso - switches

    Hello friends!

    I have some old broncolor pulso generators to restart after a long storage.
    Therefore I have to re-form electrolitic capacitors.
    Some friends have given me some useful advices,...
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    omega 5500

    hi friends,

    help me:
    I need an omega 5500 (color head) user guide.
    it' s important for me the instruction to disassemble the enlarger without damaging it.

    thanks in advance.

    bye from italy...
  3. Re: 75 DB or shuttered on sinar camera

    hi Rick,

    thanks for your reply.
    I can understand your hate for recessed board...

    working with:
    65-compur + recessed lensboard + WA bellows II
    and 90-compur + standard lensboard + WA bellows...
  4. 75 DB or shuttered on sinar camera

    hi friends!

    i need a 75mm for my sinar P.
    do you think it's better a lens with its own shutter (copal-compur-prontor)
    or a lens DB mount (with sinar-copal shutter)?
    i have some sinar shutters...
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