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  1. What is the best approach to getting your work seen

    I have the opportunity to participate in an artists group that focusses on getting emerging artists work seen in my local area. The group includes artists using various media and they do a number...
  2. Re: What Do You Bring And How Much Does It Weigh?

    I guess it depends on the destination for me. I have a 90 lt backpack that fits my 8x20 quite nicely. I take a 355 G Claron and 450 Nikkor M, 2 or 3 film holders, Hrrison Change tent (jumbo) and a...
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    Re: Machining services


    Give Allan a call at F16 camera repairs in brisbane. I know he has (or had) the gear to do some machining work and he may be able to help you.

    PM me if you need his contact details
  4. Re: Processing E-6 in Brisbane, Australia. DIY or are there labs that do it?

    Allchromes will process 4x5
  5. Re: Your “call it quits” moment is coming – here’s what to do about it

    It was interesting to read this thread in light of what I have been thinking of late.

    By no means am I now, or likely to be in the future, anything other than an amateur from a photography...
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    Re: March Still Life 2011


    you have achieved something I have been trying for a few weeks now on and off. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: G'Day LFF

    Greetings from another in Brisbane. Not many large format cameras around town but I know of 6 in total. Good to add another one to the ranks
  8. Re: Processing E-6 in Brisbane, Australia. DIY or are there labs that do it?


    Try Allchromes at Bowen Hills
  9. Re: How popular are the ULF panoramic formats

    Film is not the issue for me. At then moment I have plenty and dont foresee it being a problem provided I plan for it in advance. And if film is not available then I might look at calotypes etc....
  10. Re: How popular are the ULF panoramic formats

    Bruce, in terms of why, it was just one of those thoughts I have from time to time. I have no concern regarding film or holders or the like, it was more a case of wondering how popular the sizes...
  11. How popular are the ULF panoramic formats

    Was thinking about some of the more esoteric panoramic formats and how common they are in use today. I would be particularly interested in how many cameras are being used in sizes other than 4x5,...
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    Re: Photographic Pictorialism by Tinley


    I have had a quick look at the book again (first looked at it a few months ago) and think it would be a good addition to a collection if you are looking for a summary of photographers and...
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    Re: Blue Mountains, Australia


    I can recommend Len Metcalf. He sure knows his way around the Blue Mountains. He would be able to suggest a lot of the common and not so common locations
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    Re: July Portraits

    My local history group has received a grant to document the development of my area and the history of some of the older families who first settled here. As part of this they have invited the local...
  15. Re: State of 8x10 film production now & future

    Michael, I have been lucky enough to pick up a few hundred sheets of Velvia 50 in 8x10 and that cost me about $10 per sheet. Processing I do myself so the price for that is about $2-3 per sheet. ...
  16. Re: where is the cheapest /best place for 8x10 film

    my own experience says to deal with Freestyle. I get orders shipped to Brisbane reasonably frequently (at least once a month) and the cost is much less than buying locally even when freight is...
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    Re: Landscapers; where is your next lust

    I second what Michael said. I am a Queenslander but Victoria is wonderful. Love the Alps and around Bright.

    Next trip for me though is Snowy Mountains in a week or two
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    Re: December Portraits

    A couple taken earlier this week. Both with Verito 14.5 inch on 8x10. I am finally starting to use the Verito more and I am enjoying the results. Not perfect, many faults, but I like them.
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    Re: Questions re vandyke processing

    yes I have amongst heaps of other documents, but thanks for pointing it out.

    I am happy with what I have produced to date but was getting a bit confused with the need for increased contrast...
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    Re: Questions re vandyke processing

    Thanks for the replies.

    So Brian, I take it then that the important part is to ensure that there is a full range of tones from black to white to get the best out of van dyke. If that is the...
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    Questions re vandyke processing

    I have just recommenced working with the Vandyke process and contact printing either 8x10 or 8x20. I have scoured the forum for information and have used what I have been able to glean. While I...
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    Re: post alternative techniques

    My humble contribution is attached. I have just gotten back into printing again after setting up a uv light source, and I am still learning the ropes. Vandyke and Cyanotype first and maybe at...
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    Re: post "in Galli style"

    I have been fascinated with the images that Jim produces and in seeing what the lenses produce. From this has been a desire to learn how to use some of these for myself and to learn about pictorial...
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    Re: How about some infrared images

    A couple from the last few days, both Efke IR820 with 89B filter. Both developed in Rodinal 1+25. ISO of 3 for both.

    The first is 8x10 and the second 4x10.
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    Re: post "in Galli style"

    2 from the beginning of a project I am working on at the moment. I have a fascination with cemeteries and am capturing some of the statuary and ornaments. Both images were taken using an ex Jim...
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    Re: Harrison Jumbo Film Tent Question.

    as an experiment I have just tried to load one without using the added wings and have had no luck. You are much better off getting the customised version.
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    Re: Post your churches

    Church at Ma Ma Creek outside of Brisbane. Taken on 4x5 Maco IR820Aura . It is an interesting place, the church is always locked but is in good repair. I think it might get used once per month...
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    Re: Australian suppliers and Labs

    In Brisbane there are only a couple of places you can go to for 120 or large format film, and there is no guarantee that either will be in stock. Pricing is excessive, in fact it is cheaper...
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    Re: How Many LF Formats Do You Use/Own?

    I currently use 4 cameras covering 3 formats. 4x5 when I go walking, 8x10 when I want something to contact print rather than enlarge, and an 8x20 for when I feel younger than I am.

    I like the...
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    Re: ULF Colour film

    The other alternative I have been thinking is to get a 4x10 reducing back for my 8x10, or to cut a darkslide to size and then just use 8x10 film.

    Thanks for the responses 4x10 may be the best...
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    ULF Colour film

    With the recent threads relating to night vision goggles and cutting film, it has prompted me to consider the practicalities of cutting film for use in my 8x20.

    I remember seeing earlier this year...
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    Re: Chamonix users in Sydney, Australia?

    Can't help with a 4x5,5x8 or 8x10, but I am taking the 8x20 to Sydney in a couple of weeks if you are interested.
  33. Re: Does photography add anything to a subject?

    "Beauty can't exist without existence of the non-beautiful. It's a quality in opposition to other qualities. Therefore, not everything is beautiful."

    Barry, wouldnt this assume that everyone had...
  34. Re: Does photography add anything to a subject?

    While I agree with Barry and Domenico, I am a little confused (nothing new I must admit).

    Doesn't art only represent beauty that already exists in the subject, even if that beauty is not...
  35. Does photography add anything to a subject?

    I have been reading “A philosophical Enquiry into the Sublime and Beautiful” by Edmund Burke of late, and came across a comment that has me thinking especially if you substitute photography for...
  36. Re: Dimensions of a Shen Hao FCL810 back

    Thanks Dave, exactly what I was after.
  37. Dimensions of a Shen Hao FCL810 back

    Can anyone advise the size of a Shen Hao FCL810-A back. I have just ordered one and want to start making a reducing back but need to know the dimensions.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: How about some infrared images

    Once again Maco IR820 with R72 filter. Country churchyard outside of Gatton Qld.
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    Re: Help identifying camera size

    Thanks for the responses.

    Fortunately it has a film back for it as well, but it might be a project for an 8x10 enlarger. It appears that the previous owner used it for portraits so had the...
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    Re: Help identifying camera size

    this is the image of the camera. Any thoughts?
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