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    The quest for a reliable spotmeter

    I fully agree with Andrey - the spotmeter manufacturers either have to make thei r products comply with published specs, or change the specs to describe their pr oducts accurately. This would mean...
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    The quest for a reliable spotmeter

    Oops, forgot to insert URL to Walter's original tests (sorry, Walter :) in the lenghty treatise above here it is.

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    The quest for a reliable spotmeter

    O.K., here are my »spotmeter tests« - I don't claim them to be of scientific quality, but think they do have real-world relevance... after ruining 8 Velvia Quickloads (hopelessly...
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    The quest for a reliable spotmeter

    I'm shopping for a spotmeter (a real 1 degree meter, useable down to EV1 - so please, no suggestions for Sekonics [345]* or Gossen Starlite).

    So far, I have tested the Gossen Ultraspot 2 and the...
  5. European/german distributors for Toho FC-45X?

    Meanwhile, I checked with ToHo (the H was no typo, contrary to the `b' instead o f `br' tag - sorry for the blaring :). Unfortunately, currently there seems to be no german or european...
  6. European/german distributors for Toho FC-45X?

    Does anybody know about distributors of the Toho cameras in Germany (or at least Europe)?<b> I'm interested in the FC-45X... in Kerry's review of the camera, he mentions Rob ert White selling them,...
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    Arca-Swiss vs. Linhof Technikardan 45s

    I too own an Arca F-line C w/ microorbix and the leather wide angle bellows - I can confirm that this bellows works fine down to about 1m with a 210mm Sironar S (albeit w/o much movements, and of...
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    Arca swiss WA belows

    If I stretch my leather WA bellows, I can focus a 210mm Sironar S to about 1.2m - of course w/o much movements. With the synthetic WA bellows, almost no movements are possible with the Sironar .<b>...
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    Medium Format vs. Large Format

    I second the Fuji 6x9 suggestion - before starting LF, I used a GW690 II exclusi vely for 3 years. The camera is so simple that you can start making really fine pictures at once, and with a bit of...
  10. Arca Swiss Field With Micrometric Orbix

    Of course you can use geared front rise/fall with the micrometric orbix (as othe rs noted, the orbix is an add-on that can be applied to all F-line front standar ts). But keep in mind that the lens...
  11. Stiff neck using Arca-Swiss binocular viewer

    Can't comment on the bino, but I use the Arca viewing bellows w/ rubber eyecap f or almost every shot - it's a nice piece of equipment, but please keep in mind t hat you'll have to support it with...
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    Arca Swiss F-line Metric w/ Orbix?

    I also have a F-line 4x5 metric w/ micro-orbis It's really precise, and nice to handle - the only thing lacking about it I foun d until now is that the orbix tilt doesn't have a scale for the amount...
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    Gossen Ultra-Spot 2

    I recently aquired a Spotmaster 2, but this is my first spotmeter (so I can't of fer real comparisons)... in my experience, it seems to be a well thought out dev ice:<ul><li>The user interface, while...
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    simplified depth of focus scale

    I can confirm Bob's suggestions - the Rodenstock calculator is really useful if you prefer a methodic, analytical approach - and for a beginner, the results cal culated referring depth of field or...
  15. Which 4x5 is fastest, easiest to set up in field?

    Arca Swiss F Line C - can be packaged with lens mounted, setup work is reduced t o decollapsing the rail (if very short lenses are used, even this could be omitt ed). When it comes to using the...
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    Arca-swiss F-Basic

    As far as I can tell (as owner of an Arca F basic), the differences between the ``basis'' and ``classic'' model are: <ul><li>the basic has a 40cm rail that comes as one piece, where the classic has...
  17. Linhof Master Technika `Black Edition'

    I've seen offers for Linhof MTs `Black Edition'... can anybody explain the diffe rence between this model an the regular MT? How is the black finish achieved? Some kind of anodization, or just...
  18. Arca F-line Orbix tilt on nodal point w/ raised standart?

    Well, it seems I have to answer my question... Checking with Arca Swiss customer support revealed that <ul><li>the orbix on the F-line tilts the lens round its nodal point only iff th e front...
  19. Rodenstock Depthof Field/Scheimpflug Calculator - how useful

    I use the Rodenstock Calculator from time to time for shots where DOF is critica l, but almost every time if tilt is to be applied. IMHO this device is quite nice to have - and if only to check the...
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    LF film through airport

    I travel with Fuji Quickloads exclusively - this is easier (you can open the box and show the envelopes) and more difficult (due to the tin latch, you can't tak e them through the metal scanner). My...
  21. How to completely lock down Gitzo (415) leg sections?

    I have a Gitzo 415 tripod - generally, it's very stable, but I can't lock down s ome of the leg section joints completely. They are not really loose, but some of them can be moved a bit (not pushed...
  22. Arca F-line Orbix tilt on nodal point w/ raised standart?

    To those who have access to an Arca F-line camera with the Orbix add-on: If the Orbix tilt mechanism is used, does it tilt the lens round its nodal point also if the front standart has been directly...
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    Arca Swiss"Field" vs."Classic"

    Can't contribute to the field vs. standard discussion (I'm also contemplating ex changing my Classic against a Field version, but am not sure about the consequen ces ref. movements/vignetting). But I...
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    European resources for LF

    MonoC (Kassel, Germany) - probably not cheap, but fairly extensive: <ul> <li>cameras from Linhof, Arca, Phillips, Toyo, Ebony, Gandolfi <li>lenses from Schneider, Rodenstock, Nikon) </ul> Brenner...
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    Ebony SV23 camera vs Arca Swiss

    I'm not sure wether this is a real alternative, but in case you want a rollfilm view camera, have you considered the Linhof M679?

    It's not exactly light-weight (though you won't need a tripod head...
  26. Any way to reclaim U.S. state taxes on export?

    Sorry for a not exactly LF-related question, but I think this might be interesti ng for all of us foreigners buying expensive foto stuff in the U.S. from time to time...

    Has anybody succeeded in...
  27. Any way to speed up LF shots? (Family patience question)

    Two remarks: <ul><li>You didn't tell which monorail you use - while it might be true that you could get faster by switching to a technical/press/field LF camera from a studio monorail (which has to...
  28. Carbon tripods from Velbon/Manfrotto suitable for LF?

    Has anybody tried the carbon tripods made by Velbon (Carmagne 630/640) or Manfro tto (Carbon No. One 440/441) for supporting LF equipment of moderate weight (e.g . an AS F-Line with focal range...
  29. Viewing bellows instead of dark cloth?

    I'm contemplating about aquiring the (non-selfsupporting) viewing bellows with t he bino viewer (w/ integrated loupe) made by Arca Swiss. Is anybody using th is device? Does it prove useful, and if...
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    A sign of the times...

    [ urgs, late nite posting ]... to end the story, he turned red and asked a colle gue. This guy found out (after some paper searching) that the prints had been d one using a scanner back at some...
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    A sign of the times...

    When I was at Fotokina, I tried to see a sample of the new Readyload system - bu t I was unable to find a single representative in the whole Kodak hall who could tell me where to find the Readyload...
  32. Cost of cameras in there native countries

    I have only 1 catalogue of a Linhof retailer in front of me, and it might be not the best price you can get here ( Anyway, a Linhof Master Technika is DM 8909,- (in the 2001...
  33. Canham 617 back announced at photokina?

    I, too, was rather impressed by the camera (inventor/producer Dr. Gilde demonstr ated it to me at Fotokina)... Referring the focal length, he had even a sample of the new Schneider 400mm atta ched to...
  34. Who knows the B.I.G. 45 GJM 4x5" field camera ?

    I've not used this camera, but played with it for a while at Brenner Foto (Weide n, Bavaria) - they are marketing the B.I.G. products in Germany.

    My experience with large format cameras is very...
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