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Thread: So Instagram got me a in at the Museum.

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    So Instagram got me a in at the Museum.

    By a twist of fate my Instagram account got me noticed by the National Museum of the Marine Corps. After chatting with the Deputy Director via email you know what they were most interested in? My large format film photos. They are planning their next exhibit, and it's going to cover 1976-today. They are running into issues getting photos the can use from the late 80s to the mid 2000s because the resolution of digital cameras was so low that they are very limited on what those photos can be used for. So 35mm film rules the roost there. But another issue they have is they do not have the room to display some of the aircraft in the collection. The next best thing for them is having large format photos taken to be printed to extreme sizes and placed on to walls for visitors to enjoy. So I am going to see where this leads. They are excited to have a active duty photographer that happens to shoot large format. This may be motivation enough for me to finally pull the trigger and move up to 8x10.

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    Re: So Instagram got me a in at the Museum.

    Wat too cool! Congrats!!!!!

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    Re: So Instagram got me a in at the Museum.

    Wow Kav,

    Congratulations! Incredible opportunity for you.... and the National Museum of the Marine Corps too. They are lucky to have your photos.

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