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Thread: Developing Max pyro

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    Re: Developing Max pyro

    Quote Originally Posted by CP Goerz View Post
    I've found with pyro that the first ten seconds are critical to get even skies, they need a lot of agitation, quick even submersion right at the start.
    Amen to that.

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    Re: Developing Max pyro

    Quote Originally Posted by cdholden View Post
    I was reluctant to try the brush technique when you suggested it earlier, but forgot to follow up on the discussion in another thread (or was it an email?)
    This sounds easier with smaller formats, but seems (at least in my mind) like it may have a greater chance of error as the formats get larger. You have a lot more experience than I do with it, but my concern is the timing.
    it's easy to keep film submerged in developer for a consistent amount of time. With larger formats doesn't the brushing make the "agitation" inconsistent from one point on the film to another? I am concerned about one section of the film having more or less development than another part. My current technique involves slidng the film around with my tongs, then a mild stir around the whole tray before removing tongs from the developer. I use about 700 ml to develop 12x20 film in 20x24 trays, so to use any less developer would be a slightly smaller tray, meaning less room to move the film around.
    Is my logic flawed or just overly paranoid with respect to the timing and area of brushing?

    Hi CD,

    Brush agitation is especially appropriate for larger formats -- the larger the format, the more important even development is, and the more difficult to achieve. Brushing breaks up the boundary layer of developer close to the surface of the film for maximum agitation efficiency. The key is to use a brush of appropriate size for the format-- larger formats require larger brushes -- and to use generously overlapping strokes, in multiple directions. After you do it once, it will be obvious. Also, in case you've misunderstood, the film is submerged in developer during the brushing, which can be constant, or intermittent. With brush development, an over-sized tray is not necessary, so less developer is required. This technique was/is used by astronomers who require absolutely even development. Give it a try!

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    Re: Developing Max pyro

    That makes a lot more sense. Thank you for clarifying. I thought you were talking about brushing on the developer instead of submerging the film. Your description aboove sounds a lot more sane than what I had previously envisioned.
    It sounds like everyone else gives a lot more agitation than I do. It's worth a try (on a smaller format first!).

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    Re: Developing Max pyro

    My biggest problem with pyro is the sky... I shot with 11x14 Chamonix and notes grainy sky! HOW IS MY AGITATION: I agitate Max pyro at 70F for 7 mints..
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