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Thread: Bought Magic Lantern

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    Bought Magic Lantern


    I bought from ebay uk one magic lanter, it came with lens, height 8,5cm, front lens diameter about 4,5cm
    Then there are this condenser lens, which diameter is about 10cm and height 4,8cm
    That would be quite nice in front of Sinar

    My math is not so good that I could calculate aperture of those lenses, so if anyone could provide me some formula for calculation, I would be very pleased.
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    Re: Bought Magic Lantern

    Quote Originally Posted by Raidahl View Post
    some formula for calculation
    Focal length divided by diameter of front element (glass) will give you approx. F number (eg. FL - 200mm, front element's diameter - 50mm. 200/50=F4).

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