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Thread: Hello! From Shreveport, Louisiana!

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    Hello! From Shreveport, Louisiana!

    So I just got into LF. Been interested in it for a long time. 34 years old and went to school for photography around 2000. That didn't last to long but the school did introduce me to alternative processes, something that captured my heart instantly.

    So, here recently I picked up a Calumet 4x5. I got off a few shots before making a big oops and busting my shutter. Hopefully soon I will be able to get a new shutter for it. Until then I am planning on making a pinhole lensboard for it.

    Also recently someone gave me the body for an Agfa 8x10. No lens or filmholder for it. Hopefully one day soon I will be able to get it up and running.

    Thanks guys for keeping this art form alive.

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    Re: Hello! From Shreveport, Louisiana!

    Greetings from Nash Vegas.
    Sorry to hear about your "oops", but lens caps and jar lids can make a working replacement shutter, depending on your hardware. Good luck and I wish you well in your LF experiences.


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    Re: Hello! From Shreveport, Louisiana!

    Welcome to group therapy! Used 135mm to 165mm lenses in good shutters are often found very inexpensively at shops like B&H, KEH, etc., and even eBay (if you're careful and ask lots of questions), and make very good basic starting lenses; you might also want to get Carol at to look at your old shutter...she's very competent, very reasonable, and would provide you with a repair estimate. She is very much in demand, so don't get in a hurry. Also, if your old lens was, for example, a 135mm, you might look for a lens of 165mm to 215mm so that you'll have a nice set when you old lens is repaired. Have fun with your new camera!

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    Re: Hello! From Shreveport, Louisiana!

    Hi from south central Missouri!


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