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Thread: Anyone Experiencing Fogging With New Readyloads?

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    Anyone Experiencing Fogging With New Readyloads?

    I recently used T Max 100 film in the new Readyload packets for the first time. I made approximately 60 exposures with the new film, using my old Readyload hold er with the black pressure plate (the kind that is supposed to be fine with the new Readyloads). Of those 60, 8 or 9 are completely ruined by what appears to be light somehow getting into the packet and fogging all or large portions of the film. Almost all of the negatives show some evidence of fogging on portions of t he film border, although these are printable since the fogging doesn't extend in to the image in most cases. I'm curious whether anyone else has experienced this kind of problem with the new Readyloads and whether anyone has any idea what co uld have caused it.

    Just to eliminate some possible causes: (1) I also exposed about 50 sheets of HP 5+ in normal holders on the same trip using the same camera - none of this film shows any signs of fogging, which would seem to rule out a problem with my camer a; (2) The Readyload film was developed in the same darkroom, using the same che micals, as the HP5+, which would seem to rule out a darkroom problem; (3) the wo rst fogging is always on the end of the Readyload packet that has the metal clip on it, which of course is at the bottom of the Readyload holder, so light getti ng in through the top with the envelope pulled up while the exposure is being ma de doesn't seem to be the likely cause; (4) None of the metal clips were loose a nd all were taped up as soon as the exposures were made so the problem doesn't s eem to stem from loose metal clips; (5) I never experienced a fogging problem us ing this Readyload holder with the old Readyload film.
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    Anyone Experiencing Fogging With New Readyloads?

    I have no experience with the readyloads, only Fuji quickloads: (no problems.) A suggestion on what might isolate the problem though. Setup in a dark room and sacrifice a readyload (...well another one) with the lens board off shine a flashlight around the back of the camera on this side (with the envelope pulled out) and see if you can find where the light is coming in. This has worked for me when I had a problem camera back where it fitted to the holder. As you suggest, it would seem more likely they would leak at the other end. Another thought is that perhaps they are leaking around the clip before ever being inserted in the holder. I'm sure there are a bunch of us out here that would like to here what the final resolution of your problem is. Good luck and keep us informed on what you find out.

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    Anyone Experiencing Fogging With New Readyloads?

    I have the same holder.

    The fogging you have around the borders is caused by the holder, I had the same problem, posted a question here, and the fix was to take the thing apart and sand down with fine sandpaper all that shiny new black plastic. My one has worked fine ever since.

    I as for the massive light leaks I have had no problems like that at all.

    get sanding!!

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    Anyone Experiencing Fogging With New Readyloads?

    I have shot over 100 sheets of the New Readyload films including TMax100 (TMX) and Protra 160 VC with my Polaroid 545i and 545Pro backs. I haven't had any fogging problem including Quickload films. BTW, I tape the film packet around the metal clip with the supplied "exposed" sticker as soon as I make the shoot.

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