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    Toyo ROBOS, 120mm Nikkor SW, Fuji Provia.

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    Re: People...

    Wow thats cool! Great shot.
    I wonder how long it took them to carve up that tree?
    -Ian Mazursky Travel, Landscape, Portraits and my 12x20 diary
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    Andi Heuser
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    Re: People...

    Quote Originally Posted by IanMazursky View Post
    Wow thats cool! Great shot.
    I wonder how long it took them to carve up that tree?
    See here how the artist works(the speaker says that the sculpture has to be ready in two days for the exhibition in Hamburg ):

    Carving in that speed with cigarette in mouth, must be a real artist

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    Re: People...

    People 2, San Francisco 2010

    Toyo-Field 45AX, 90mm Lens, Fuji Provia 100F.

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