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Thread: Packard Repair Services

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    Packard Repair Services

    For those who don't know, Reno Farinelli at does a great job repairing old Packard Shutters. Last week I sent him a very large and very messed up Packard for repair. Reno cleaned it, replaced the broken blades, and painted it. I received what looks to be a new Packard shutter this afternoon in the mail. It works perfectly, and the cost was about the third of buying a new one. While this may not be worthwhile with a smaller Packard shutter, it certainly is with the very large shutters which cost several hundred dollars new, and are very difficult to find used.

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    Re: Packard Repair Services

    Very good to know.

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    Re: Packard Repair Services

    Yes, I sent a shutter back for refurbishing and can recommend Reno quite highly. He knows these shutters quite well. From a lousy cell phone picture he noted the the housing was warped due to over tightening the mounting screws. It was minor and I hadn't noticed it till he pointed it out. Sent the shutter in and received it back promptly in perfect working order, with a fresh coat of paint, a new insulator for the flash terminals, a pin for changing from instantaneous to B and new mounting screws. Oh and a bulb and hose.

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    Re: Packard Repair Services

    This is good to know, as I have a couple of large Packard shutters that I don't know whether they work or not. I don't have appropriate tubing to use with them. One of the shutters has two pistons on the back.

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    Re: Packard Repair Services

    Sorry if I am hijacking this thread, but I just got an old Packard shutter, and I think I have figured out how to operate it. It has a pin so if I press the build hard and fast enough I trip the shutter open/close/.

    What determines the speed?

    Even in "instantaneous" pin position it can stay open if I don't press hard and fast enough on the rubber ball.

    I took it apart to dust/clean it off and it seems to *work* now. It's not very complicated!

    Can someone explains exactly how to best operate this shutter?


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