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Thread: Velostigmat Series II; Info and Images

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    Re: Velostigmat Series II; Info and Images

    Thank you Mark. From your wonderful posting I ventured to take my 12 inch Velostigmat II apart and remove the tiny screw that restricts the number of rotations for the outer ring - allowing for more control of the level of soft focus. It was a little dicey taking out the retainer ring as it stuck a bit. I should have covered the lens with tape. I didn't scratch the lens but I did scratch the retaining ring with the spanner wrench. My lens is about 1928 in a Betax #5 shutter.
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    Re: Velostigmat Series II; Info and Images

    Thank you for bumping this. I have a new appreciation for it, but had not fully read all the responses 'til now.

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    Re: Velostigmat Series II; Info and Images

    I have the Ilex Paragon version of the Series II, it's a 12-inch lens with adjustable diffusion.
    Removing the limiting screw on that lens is easier than described for the Wollensak lenses. On the Ilex, the screw is in the barrel, just below where the lens sits.
    So the whole front lens assembly is removed (unscrewed), the screw is taken out and that's it.

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    Re: Velostigmat Series II; Info and Images

    Mark, I now understand, took some years

    I will work on the Mod when I get time

    Thank you

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    Re: Velostigmat Series II; Info and Images

    Thank you, gentlemen!
    "I love my Verito lens, but I always have to sharpen everything in Photoshop..."

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    Re: Velostigmat Series II; Info and Images

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sawyer View Post
    8.) Now instead of adjusting it only this far…

    9.) …you can adjust it this far!

    A word of warning: this also removes the limit of rotating the front element the other way past zero, and over-tightening can jam the front element, making it very difficult to unscrew at all.
    Hello Mark. I wonder how much in mm the front lens can be moved ? Thank you.

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