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Thread: Matt Cutter, Which, Where

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    Matt Cutter, Which, Where

    It's time for that dreaded, unsexy purchase: A professional matt cutter, so I c an do something with this stuff I am baking under my enlarger. I need help on s electing a matt cutter brand since I don't know anything about what's being used . Since it's the only one listed in B&H, I assume it's Logan Graphics, but whic h model? (I do fortunately know HOW to use one from school).

    Also, please steer me in the right direction of place for good price (new) on sa id matt cutters and also Rotatrim paper trimmers if you might. Thanks. Andre

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    Matt Cutter, Which, Where

    I have had for many years a Longan compact mat cutter, for the price, ease of use and conveninece you cannot beat this mat cutter. The only draw back is that the support table is too narrow and you have to put a book under the mat to prevent from getting bowed cuts, once you do this, you can get beautiful mats for a very reasonable price. Of course if you are related to Bill Gates then you can buy one of the B+H mat cutter, they are wonderful and have all the gizmos and gadgets to make it almost automatic, but for the price I vote for my Logan....Hope this helps.

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    Matt Cutter, Which, Where

    I once asked a professional picture framer to recommend a matt cutter to me. He showed a small device to me an said this is what I use if I am not into production. This cutter costs around $15 an then you need a good ruler. This thing is called OLFA Mat Cutter and is made in Japan OLFA Corporation OSAKA 537. And there are "V" type blades included.

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    Matt Cutter, Which, Where

    Hi, I use a Logan matt cutter (a small handheld device) a large cutting board, a heavy duty Steel rule, and a couple of G-clamps. The most important part is a good supply of new sharp blades. Regards Bob.

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    Matt Cutter, Which, Where

    I've been using a Logan Simplex for 7 or 8 years now and continue to have success. The secret to good consistent cuts is having a sharp blade installed. I've cut hundreds of mats with no problems.

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    Matt Cutter, Which, Where

    I'm not familiar with the OLFA, but I swear by my Logan. I bought one with a board and guide rail to hold the print, and a hand cutter that you push instead of pull. The whole setup was about $120 from Light Impressions. It is the fastest thing I've ever used, short of a professional table model.

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    Matt Cutter, Which, Where

    How good do you want the cuts to be? If you want them to be gallery perfect, don't buy a mat cutter. Order your board from Superior Archival Mounts and have them cut your windows. Over time this is more expensive than cutting your own, even taking into account the initial investment in one of the Logan cutters. However, if you want the windows gallery perfect, and you cut them yourself, you'll end up throwing away enough mat board to eat up the difference in price. You have to be cutting mats sort of day in and day out to get really good at it. Otherwise, it can be really frustrating. Another point that applies to me and may to you: Got lower back problems? Don't cut mats. It strains the lower back. -jeff buckels (albuquerque)

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    Matt Cutter, Which, Where

    I looked into one a year or so ago and found these folks helpful.

    I decided to wait a while before I bought one. I've used Logan and Alto and found them both fine.


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    Matt Cutter, Which, Where

    You can learn specifics about (and at least see and compare) various mat cutters at the Light Impressions web site: &PCR=30000:230000:238000&R=6067

    B&H's Rotatrim prices are as good as anybody's

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    Matt Cutter, Which, Where

    Dave is right about Their prices are the best I have found, and they have all the accessories. I have been frustrated by the several mat cutting setups I have used over the years, but I spent the money and got a Fletcher and it has allowed me to get the quality I wanted. Although you will find professionals who are able to make good cuts with minimal equipment, if they do a lot of cutting, they probably have top equipment. You have to figure how much it's worth to you. If you tend to print a lot of the same sized prints, Jeff's suggestion about having it done for you is good. I don't have a standard printing size that would accomodate that. And I often need it done NOW, so I couldn't wait.

    Robert is right about sharp blades: they are essential for a good cut. Beyond that, no matter how much you spend on a mat cutter, practice a lot.

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