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Thread: large digital print solutions

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    large digital print solutions

    large digital print solutions ? i'm planning an exhibition in 2002, i need to decide about the type of print i will use !

    the size of prints is 90 x 90 cm and 90 x 115 cm from 6x6, 6x7 and 4x5 on E100VS slides i will print it in Paris (i live in marseille, but lab in paris are more use to large print )

    this exhibition will takes place 5 cities in india (30 prints), and will travel during a year.

    i don't know what type of print shall i use : lambda + crystal on aluminium(dibon) or rotative scan, print : iris , velin paper on aluminium(dibon) or rotative scan, print : epson printer 9500, archival mat on aluminium(dibon)

    I didn't find any info about iris on this web site ??? and wath about longevity of lambda, iris, epson 9500 ? any suggestions ?

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    large digital print solutions

    my color work in 4x5 for HABS/HAER is scanned to about 60MB files and printed on fuji crystal. my communications with NARA indicate that the fuji crystal archive has the best longevity of any color printing process. i have my color work done by brian white at photovision in salem oregon, and their large-scale prints are extremely impressive. he has invested heavily over the past couple of years in the latest technology, and has worked very hard to ensure he has the best equipment and knowledge available - his firm does outstanding work, and i can heartily recommend them.

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    large digital print solutions

    try this

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