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    Copy stand

    I'm looking for a copy stand, preferably with integral lights, which can take the weight of an LF camera. The main purpose will be to make images of botanical samples (probably 1x - 5x magnification). Any recommendations / advice on what to get or avoid? I'm based in Switzerland, so ideally a source would be reasonably close, as shipping tends to cost more than the value of this kind of article.

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    Re: Copy stand

    Kaiser makes stands that will hold a 4x5 camera. They also make lights. Choice of tungsten, quartz halogen or daylight fluorescents. Either regular or flicker-free HF fluorescents.

    See third item in first column below:

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    Re: Copy stand

    I use my Beseler 4x5 enlarger frame. The motor drive comes in handy to adjust the camera height. You have to come up with your own light stand but I had one made that holds a couple of Lowel Totas on each side that's attached to the head mount to travel up and down with the camera.
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    Re: Copy stand

    David. I use a Kaiser RS1 with a Nikon D1 set up & lights. A pretty good set up limited to a 4kg load so I'm not sure if a 4x5 is workable with this one. I used to have an old Polaroid copy stand made to shoot 4x5 Polaroids, It might well be worth looking for a used one. That thing was bullet proof and could handle 4x5 easily.

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    Re: Copy stand

    I bought a Polaroid MP-4 camera, took the actual camera bits off and added a mount for my style of QR plates. Usable with LF, 35mm and even my little digithingy. It's dead solid, and it was plenty cheap.

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    Re: Copy stand

    I got an MP4. Mine came with it's own 4x5 camera and a Polaroid shutter for Tominom lenses. It's also possible to find an 8x10 camera system for the MP4.

    Instead of purchasing the adaptor with a regular camera mount, I was able to make one with large PVC tubing. There was still a little play, so I glued on a thin piece of plastic sheet that I purchased from a hobby store. Works great.

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    Re: Copy stand

    Thanks - some good ideas here.

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