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Thread: Midwest LF Asylum April Outing

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    Midwest LF Asylum April Outing

    The Midwest Large Format Asylum will hold its April, 2008 outing on the 19th (always the 3rd Saturday of the month) at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. (West of Indianapolis) We will meet for 8:00 am breakfast in the lodge restaurant in the park.

    Some members will go down Friday, April 18th & staying overnight at the Motel 8 in Crawfordsville, IN. I am sure a group will hit the sunrise light before breakfast on Saturday.

    Cameras of all sizes are welcome, but remember, we move at a large format pace. More details & cell phone numbers of members can be found at You need to register (which is free) to view the FORUM.

    Hope to see you there.

    Rick Tapio

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    Re: Midwest LF Asylum April Outing

    The Midwest Large Format Asylum outing to Turkey Run was a great success and loads of fun. A follow-up discussion and photographs can be found at:

    Go to the FORUM section, and then hit the BLUE GALLERY button which is 3rd from left in the row of buttons at the top of the screen & find the APRIL OUTING section.

    Outings are every third Saturday of each month.

    Rick Tapio

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    Re: Midwest LF Asylum April Outing

    Good work.

    Turkey Run is one of my favorite parks. My wife and I grew up in the area and visited it several times. A few years ago we returned with our kids and stayed at the lodge. The kids may have tired of Mary and I telling stories of our youth and walking the trails but they did enjoy the buffet meals and the pool.

    The photo opportunities are endless………..

    Maybe one year I will joint you for this outing
    Bill Kumpf

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    Wow! This post rocks

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