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Thread: post your trees!

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    Re: post your trees!

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Tymon View Post
    Ok, a couple more! I wonder if we like trees because we like wooden cameras?

    4x5, 180 symmar and fp4.
    No, my cameras are metal but who couldn't like trees??

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    Re: post your trees!

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn View Post
    That root system does cry out "photograph me!" LOL! How did you haul a big enough darkcloth out there to cover up the background?!

    I took that shot about 10 years ago, but just came across the pt/pd print last night while I was doing some copy I thought I'd throw it in the pile.

    Was yours more recent? There was a couple initials carved into it back then -- probably a few more by now!

    Getting that darkcloth in position was a huge task! Not really, It was raining and the background was mostly dark. What light that did show up was taken out in post processing.

    Mine is from 2003 and there were some initials carved in the root ball, but I do not remember just how many there were.

    Shore Acres is a beautiful area to photograph, or just to see for that matter.


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    Re: post your trees!

    Quaking aspen at Jordan Basin in the Eastern Sierra on snowy day early October 2007.
    4x5 Provia 100F thru my 90mm Caltar.

    Lots of nice work folks. I market quite a number of tree pics on my website gallery index. And many more just as strong on my "Upcoming" sub-page link like the recent one above that I haven't processed and printed yet. I explore and search for exceptional trees every year often in remote wilderness areas. This last summer I lugged 70+ pounds over 7,200 feet uphill over three days to reach one pair of foxtail pines I'd first seen years ago in 1994. Trees like water reflecting lakes, spectacular peaks, dusk/dawn/sunrise/sunsets, and wildflowers are a major subject category for landscape work. ...David

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    Re: post your trees!

    Trees, trees...
    I believe people like trees for many reasons.
    As I said in the previous post I have been thinking why I am so attracted to trees.
    I believe that in a good work of art there has to be tension between two opposites and trees have that quality in themselves.
    The trunk is the strong part of the tree, which provides stability, strength and support(together with the roots), the branches are the delicate part of the tree, the area that moves with the wind, prone to breakage, delicate in form and at the same time vital to the life of the tree itself.
    Branches also challenge the trunk and the roots to get stronger by positioning themselves far from its axis, rendering it stronger.
    The branches endlessly reach to the sky, the extension of the trunk, the roots, instead reach for depth.
    These very different parts work all for the same purpose: the life of the whole.
    Just like so different areas of the plant work for the same goal, so do the components of a piece of Art where tension is necessary to achieve balance.
    The same is for our lives; we need all range of experiences, from joy to the necessary sorrow which is the spark to a deeper and more stable balance.

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    Re: post your trees!

    Maple tree
    Ebony Ti
    Velvia 100
    scanned on epson 4990


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    Re: post your trees!

    I couldn't resist, here are some from this week.

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    Re: post your trees!

    Well here is part of a tree

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    Re: post your trees!

    A part of another tree...


    don't say that I went to shoot without you.. Remember that day?

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    Re: post your trees!

    Here's three:


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    Re: post your trees!

    I may have to try shooting some trees with the aperture opened up this weekend, see what I can come up with! Great seeing all of these tree photos :-)
    Daniel Buck - 3d VFX artist
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