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Thread: What is "14x36 Tri-Fold Fuji HR-U Green X-ray Film"?

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    Question What is "14x36 Tri-Fold Fuji HR-U Green X-ray Film"?

    Looking for a way to get 11x14 green xray film. What does "tri fold"mean? Are these films creased and folded? In other words, do I get three pieces of film each 14" x 12" that are creased and folded together to make a single piece 14x36? Or are they "folded" without a crease somehow? I just discovered that my 9 1/2 in. Goerz Golden Dagor will cover 11x14 at F:45. Cut 11x14 is scarcer. I know very well what Fuji HR-U Green X-ray Film is, so please don't answer my packaging question with stuff I don't need with how much better Kodak films are, or other lenses are. I could use a 3 exposure piece of 11x14 roll film if not creased, or cut them if creased.

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    Re: What is "14x36 Tri-Fold Fuji HR-U Green X-ray Film"?

    I found this, which is full length not trifold (as per product description). Which hints that tri-fold is folded, which by definition means a crease.

    Nice price -- with shipping, etc, about a buck a 11x14.

    They have 11x14 listed in both green and blue for $84 for 100 sheets. Ships in one to two days.
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    What is "14x36 Tri-Fold Fuji HR-U Green X-ray Film"?

    This was asked in this forum a while back ó there was no experience-based answer at the time, hinting that the person asking was going to have to either buy it, or call directly the company selling it, to find out. 14x36 is not a size for ULF and I donít think a lot of folks would consider buying that and cutting it, over just buying 11x14 HRU (I know I would not, given how scratch prone it is!).

    There was also some mention that someone had seen these (in medical applications) without perforations or signs of crease so it could be that they are folded with a sufficient bending radius in the box such that there is no crease but packed tightly such that flattening for film holder use may prove difficult. That makes some sense to me as creasing can create exposure/development artifacts beyond the immediate crease ó which would seemed unacceptable for the intended application. But take it as an assumption, not a fact.

    That said if you can get the full size (not folded) that seems like a better approach. But given that HRU 11x14 is readily available (look on flea bay ó $68 for 100 sheets) Iím not sure itís worth the trouble to go to 3x the size and cut it in the dark?

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