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Thread: Help with Fujifilm HR-T30 X-ray Film?

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    Re: Help with Fujifilm HR-T30 X-ray Film?

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    Re: Help with Fujifilm HR-T30 X-ray Film?

    Here's another example HRU in Legacy Mic-X Straight Replenished.

    HRU test Norma Handy Sinarsix MicX by Nokton48, on Flickr

    Fuji 4x5 HRU XRay test key day Sinar Norma Handy 65mm F8 chrome Schneider Super Angulon lens Schneider 65mm F8 Center Filter Sinarsix TTL meter F11 reads green grass EV 7 2/3 equates to 1/15 at F11. Very windy day lots of tree movement. Microdol-X straight replenished 12 mins at ambient. Development by inspection red safelight Omega DII Omegalite diffusion head Arista #2 RC paper mulitgrade dev Scratches! Used Paterson trays, should have used smooth Cesco trays. This is a wide scale subject, Microdol-X has done a pretty good job once again
    Flikr Photos Here:

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    Re: Help with Fujifilm HR-T30 X-ray Film?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LARGE FORMAT DARKROOM IMG_8811 copy.jpg 
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    This is probably the best image I've produced with any of my DIY cameras. Used a bellows shown in the pictures below, found in an estate cleanout (I got to clean out an entire darkroom for my old job—see pics...of what it looked like *after* I was done scavenging! Equipment, developer mixes, everything but film. That's how I got started.) I attached what I call my "Garage Lens" a big plano-convex magnifying lens the size of a saucer with ~350mm focal length that I pulled out of a garage at a different estate, stopped it down (before I knew what that meant) just because I found it made a sharper image, to about a 12cm aperture. No idea what the actual f/stop worked out to is since I've long since deconstructed that camera (I guess it'd be about f/2.9?). Cut down my HR-T30 xray film to about 5x6, exposed to daylight lamp for about ~2 sec by flipping the lightswitch. Developed in Ilfosol 3 1+9 about 8 minutes by inspection with dim red safelight (rubylith over old yellow Kodak safelight), continuous agitation, digitized with my Canon T6i and inverted on the computer. And that's about when I got hooked on large format.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails LARGE FORMAT DARKROOM IMG_8098 copy.jpg   LARGE FORMAT DARKROOM IMG_8107 copy.jpg   LARGE FORMAT PHOTxIMG_5562 copy.jpg  

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