In 2008 I made a large purchase of Sumatra Robusta coffee beans. I roast them myself and use / sell as a direct replacement for Instant Coffee in ALL Caffenol Recipes. I wrote about this developer in The Caffenol Cookbook ( I was one of the authors ) and have countless entries on my "blog" about my caffenol adventures using it to process film ( E6, C41 and B/W ) and prints. The recipe I use is based on the "teaspoon / tablespoon recipe" I'm not someone who uses a scale to measure out my caffenol ingredients. Unlike instant coffee this Sumatra coffee is 100% Robusta beans, it is not a blend. You will have to grind it and brew a batch of coffee ( I use a percolator and brew 1L batch 2-3x ) .. I also add 20cc of my favorite print developer (I use D72 and Ansco 130 ) to boost the less than optimal contrast and density that Vit C developers typically give. I use this developer for both film and prints (Feel free to write me if you are interested in learning more ).

I roast this coffee and use it myself and sell it by the LB. Right now I am currently selling it for $15/lb and will ship in a USPS Flat Rate Box

What you get is a bag of "photographer's roast" beans for photographic use only, I will donate $5 of every sale to the RI Food Bank.
I've attached a few images I have made with this coffee, all film based, or paper negatives, all hand processed.

feel free to PM me here, hopefully my inbox isn't packed, or you can always email me: