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Thread: Fujinon lenses - EBC coating & Shutters

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    Re: Fujinon lenses - EBC coating & Shutters

    MC lenses are great (maybe more contrasty/harder modern lenses), but did have an issue with MC glass in an extreme situation once...

    Had to go to Florida (during Hurricane Katrina) it it was abnormally hot and humid, and had to leave the A/C climate in the house or car, and the cool glasses when exposed to the humidity instantly fogged over like a shower stall... Now, this is normal, but the single coat glasses wiped down fairly evenly, but the MC glasses tended to hold tear-like moisture on them, and when dried later, it was a devil of a time to carefully clean the moisture residue left on them...

    This was an extreme situation, but note it can happen in hot/wet environments...

    Steve K

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    Re: Fujinon lenses - EBC coating & Shutters

    Like I need ANOTHER reason to avoid Florida?

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    Re: Fujinon lenses - EBC coating & Shutters

    Just like coated filters, condensation risk differs with the specific type of coating. In my own experience, some multi-coatings are superior in terms of condensation resistance than single coating, and quite superior to uncoated glass surfaces. But I admit that's been my experience up in the high country trying to get some shots in before the mosquitoes thaw out in the morning. Don't know I'd be quite as interested in finding out the truth in Florida where mosquitoes probably don't even settle down for the night.

    Otherwise, multiple coating are not only for sake of reducing flare, but are a means of fine-tuning optical design not entirely possible by glass selection alone.

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