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The Monalog Collective is a group of passionate fine art black and white photographers dedicated to the art and craft of traditional image making utilizing 19th and 20th century monochrome processes. All aspects of our craft are analog based, and we are promoting our passion for this approach through exhibitions, projects and regular gatherings to share our knowledge with each other.

We would like to expand our group to include members, 35 and under, to strengthen the diversity and creative thinking of the group. Including younger photographers who are committed to analog black and white photography will broaden the Collective’s perspective as we begin our new project “Visions of America” next year. If you are a young photographer that embraces light sensitive film, paper and chemistry to create your work, please consider contacting us for a portfolio review. Our membership of thirteen is spread throughout the United states from Washington to Maine and we welcome potential new members from across America. Please see our website: www.monalogcollective.com for more information.

I hope you get many young people! You welcome new members only from America? Lots of young photographers up here in Canada!